This concentrated herb tea solution of aloe vera and herbs is used with Cotton linen cloth strips which are rolled and saturated in the Body Wrap Solution Concentrate and are Heated to hot and steamy, The client lounges comfortably in the wrappings and a vinyl warming suit for 45 minutes. The client will be very relaxed while lounging in the warm solution soaked wrappings, many times the client will sleep.When the wraps are removed, the client will be clean and fresh, NOT requiring a shower or any clean-off prior to dressing. The client will be very aware of the ultra soft skin noticed immediately after removal of the wraps. This softness will last for days. Clients will enjoy the ease of putting clothing on over the newly wrapped body.To finish the treatment, the client must drink 3-4 liters of water during the twenty-four hours following the treatment. Repeat body wraps should be scheduled every 4-5 days. A client Can Lose u to 4-15" in a single Wrap and an Average of 2 Pant Sizes with a series of 12

body Wrap- $60

Series of 3- $150

series of 6- $270

Aloe Vera & Herbs wrap

lose 4"-15" Today

Also Effective for:

  • Cellulite

  • stretchmarks 

  • Toxin Cleanse

  • Blemishes 

  • Skin Tightening 

  • Skin Conditions